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Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

With 42 years of experience in the land development, real estate, construction, engineering and land surveying fields; Art brings a lot to the table with a background in the engineering and construction field as a  land surveyor since 1975.  In 1991 he established himself as a professional land surveyor in New Jersey and in 1994 obtained his Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Professional Land Surveyor license.  Art has worked continuously to increase his knowledge base through experience in the field and thousands of hours  in GPS theory and practice, planning and zoning techniques, professional land surveying principles and practice, boundary surveying, computer aided drafting and design (CADD), Federal Emergency Management Agency flood certification, forensic surveying and accident scene reconstruction, creating and maintaining Geographic Information Systems for a number of Townships and County agencys , American Land Title Association Land Title Surveys, working with Online Positioning User Service (OPUS) for geographic positioning vertical and horizontal datums, Digital Tax Map integration including creating new municipal Tax Maps and maintaining existing systems.  Art has also been involved with projects establishing the mean high water elevation of tidal waters along the coast and rivers of New Jersey from tidal observations and established data. transformations, Green Acres and Farmland preservation Surveys throughout Southern New Jersey along with preparing hundreds of land title surveys, construction stake out of residential and commercial developments from under an acre to over 700 acres consisting of multiple buildings, roads, sewer systems, utilities and interior improvements.  Art has worked in the field  and supervised multiple crews on outbound surveys of properties up to 1000 acres in size and been a part of the development process from wooded or open parcels of land to finished residential developments, parks, commercial centers and industrial complexes. Art has also spend a number of years working with the infrastructure of major highways throughout Southern New Jersey including NJ DOT projects, NJ Turnpike widening including numerous bridges, and overpasses, and widening projects on the Atlantic City Expressway.  Art has taken on the study and practice of property inspection of residential and commercial buildings,  received his accreditation from the International  Association of Certified Home Inspectors and the New Jersey State Home Inspector Advisory Committee in 2011.  Art has also been a member of the Pine Hill Borough Planning and Zoning Board and is soon to be certified as a Licensed Professional Planner in the State of New Jersey.

Arthur F. Seifert, Jr. PLS CPI
NJ Home Inspector. lic #. 24GI00116600
NJ Professional Land Surveyor lic.# 24GS03587600
PA Professional Land Surveyor lic. # SU04512R

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